Prism pipe
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What is the Prism pipe?
Ultra-Portable & Convenient
The patented storing and loading system means everything you need to smoke is one place.  Perfect for smoking on the go. 

You don't even need to get your hands dirty. To pack a perfect bowl, all you need to do is turn and tap.
Cleanest Smoke
The German-engineered waterless filtration cleans the tar and particles out of your smoke so that every puff. 

This means the coolest, smoothest smoke available from a portable device.
The acacia hardwood bowl allows for perfect cherrying. 

Unlike a joint or blunt that loses 60% of the THC to the air, Prism Pipe's bowl retains at least 90% of the THC while still filtering out 60% of the tar and particles.
What you get
- changeable mouthpiece
+ Order now and get the leather carrier pouch at 50% off retail!
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How do I clean my Prism Pipe?
Easily. Prism Pipe's German-engineered filters carry most of the resin and gunk that builds up in most bowls. Just pull out the old filter, and put in a new one.

The ONLY part of pipe that can possibly have resin build up is the connection between the acacia hardwood bowl and the filter. That's why the bowl attached cleaning tool has a retractable pin. The entire "cleaning process" will take all of 3 seconds. No more scrubbing as with other waterless filtration pipes.

How do I change the filter?
Open the pipe, and pop the old one out. Slide the new one in and close the pipe. Prism Pipes pieces all snap into the place so even your grandma can take it apart.

How long does a filter last?
About 10 bowls (the size of one cartridge). 
How do I pack my bowls? 
Prism Pipe's  patented loading design means all you have to do is turn and tap. Ground and dry product will pack perfectly with just a turn. If your product is unground and particularly sticky you may need an extra tap to fill the bowl.

So will the Prism Pipe will pack the bowl for me?
Of course not. It's not your Mom. But just like your Mom it wants what's best for you.

Can I buy them in stores?
You sure can. Prism Pipes, filters, and accessories can be found in head shops in California and the Northeast. If you want to see them in a store near you email

How do I get more filters?
Once you order your pipe, you can let us know how often you'll need filters based on usage. You can also place special orders for large quantities and our eco-friendly biodegradable filters HERE.

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